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The sims 2 update error

the sims 2 update error

Troubleshoot errors when installing The Sims 2 University. the Disk1 folder under Disk Images and double-click the file to start the installation. Hi, i had the problem that after installation it tried to Update using disk 4 of the sims 2 CD's and it would be during that update that it said " Error   Sims 2 update problems - Windows XP. Then it says an error occurred, application will now terminate. But Nightlife seems to work ok even if I didnt update the SIMS 2 [because i.

The sims 2 update error - Mobile

Do the same for every version. Please please please will even purchase the patch. You are using an outdated browser. Win 7 installer showing only GB unallocated space out of 1 TB. The authority on tech. Message 10 of 72 , Views. She dearly loved these games and I would love to help her out. Sims 3 Game Help - Home Game Help - TS3 CC Basics TS3 Gameplay Guides Modding Tutorials. I then installed the sims 2 onto my windows 8 laptop. Every time I try to double click on the TS2UPT icon, it tries to update it and then crashes. Once everything was installed and up and running, I went to My Computer - Data.

The sims 2 update error - erstellt

Sign In or Register to comment. I wanted to know if you had altered that file because one of the cause for patches and installation errors is altering game files. But that's a very roundabout and complicated way to do it. You could manually drag the sound file to where it needs to go. Message 2 of 72 , Views. Read 4 Comment Share Link. Message 5 of 72 , Views.


Fixing Sims 2 with "unspecified error" message


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